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PMA Technologies, a leading provider of innovative project management and construction industry software applications, announced today a new release of NetPoint. This release delivers new functionality and enhancements, many of which improve the ability to optimize the visual presentation of objects and the canvas, further empowering users with the most intuitive scheduling application available.

“NetPoint 4.1 is a major milestone for our product and our team. We listened carefully to the marketplace and have made some stunning breakthroughs in usability and performance,” says Tim Mather, Chief Technology Officer of PMA Technologies.

New Release Highlights

Global Edit Mode (GEM)
GEM allows for simultaneous repositioning of all data elements (dates, durations, etc.) on the canvas. With GEM, the look and layout of a NetPoint schedule can now be greatly enhanced with very little time or effort, making GEM the quickest method for optimizing a schedule graphically.

Copy & Paste Object Styles
The copy and paste functionality has been enhanced to offer Object Styles. Object Styles duplicates an object’s display, formatting, and positioning characteristics and allows users to apply one object’s styling to desired objects via one mouse click. Object Styles gives NetPoint users more flexibility when optimizing the overall presentation of the schedule.

Edit-In-Place Descriptions
Schedule layout is often optimized by modifying descriptions (e.g., inserting abbreviations, adding new lines of text, etc.). In prior NetPoint versions, opening a dialog box concealed the canvas. The Edit-In-Place feature now allows users to double click an object’s description and make modifications to effortlessly complete the task.

Graphical Grid Spacing & Calendar Stretch
By clicking and dragging on canvas hotspots, grid spacing and calendar stretch can now be modified more intuitively and quickly. Vertical space between activities can be increased or the canvas stretched to clarify logic relationships. These effects are seen on the canvas instantly without using a keyboard or opening a dialog box.

Early, Late, & Planned Dates
By selecting the Late Date Mode, activities can now be viewed on their CPM late dates along with their resource histograms and curves. This new feature gives NetPoint the ability to schedule forward from the project start date or backward from the project completion date — the choice is up to the planner. In combination with Early and Planned Dates Modes, the new CPM Late Dates Mode makes NetPoint the perfect tool for what-if analyses.

Improved Import/Export
The NetPoint 4.1 release has improved import and export functionality.  Import activities using built-in NetPoint calendars from Excel; import actual dates, calendar, and holiday information from Primavera P6; generate target reports including milestones and benchmarks; and import activities into existing schedules. These and other reliability enhancements continue to improve NetPoint’s integration with external applications, allowing data to be entered and transferred seamlessly.

For more information on NetPoint’s new functionality and enhancements or to download your free trial, visit What’s New In NetPoint 4.1.


PMA Technologies is a unique fusion of PM practitioners along with software developers and designers. We are passionate about channeling our intellectual innovation into real and practical solutions to improve the world of project management. We actively develop NetPoint®, a collaborative planning and scheduling app, and NetRisk™, a schedule risk analysis addition for NetPoint. Both NetPoint and NetRisk are powered by GPM®, a flexible scheduling algorithm that enables real-time feedback and offers new opportunities in schedule optimization.

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