Innovation in Planning & Scheduling

The Innovation Group

PMA Technologies is dedicated to simplifying the scheduling and planning processes for individuals and businesses alike, understanding that precise schedules are crucial for project success and risk management. We are a unique fusion of active PM practitioners and accomplished software developers and designers with over forty years of experience in project management and scheduling innovation.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower users by developing software solutions that accurately predict project completion dates and costs while encouraging collaboration. Through intuitive interfaces and powerful algorithms such as the Graphical Path Method (GPM®), we have created NetPoint®, our scheduling and planning application, and NetRisk™, our schedule risk analysis tool. Our passion for reliable schedules led to the development of Schedule MD™, which analyzes P6 and NetPoint files to improve schedule reliability.

Innovation Focus

Our Software

Improve project certainty.
Visualization, summarization, and vertical traceability.
Accurately predict project completion dates and costs.
Analyze metrics and determine schedule reliability.


Gui Ponce de Leon
Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon

CEO, PMA Consultants

Tim Mather, COO, PMA Technologies, PMA Consultants
Tim Mather


Eric Lowther
Eric Lowther

COO - Elect

Seve Ponce de Leon
Seve Ponce de Leon

Senior Director

Dr. Vivek Puri
Dr. Vivek Puri

Senior Director

Sergio Ponce de Leon
Sergio Ponce de Leon

Senior Director

Innovation in Practice

At PMA, innovation is deeply embedded in our culture, vision, and mission. Our commitment to evolving innovation in project scheduling, planning, and risk management creates a dynamic platform that empowers project teams to efficiently handle complex tasks, optimize resource allocation, and anticipate bottlenecks with exceptional reliability. Our software facilitates informed decision-making through intuitive interfaces and real-time data analyses, ensuring resource efficiency with minimal downtime. We blend corporate capabilities with startup agility and a steadfast passion for innovation. Collaboration and cross-functional communication underpin our strategies, enabling us to offer forward-thinking solutions consistently. Since 2008, we’ve invested in software development, exemplified by GPM and pioneered by our CEO, Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon. Our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries ensures PMA’s continued leadership delivering high-value solutions to clients and their projects.

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