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Are you starting a new project and need to get your team on the same page? We created a quick start guide from a recent New Facility Design Kickoff Workshop. An interactive planning session coordinates and establishes the needs, milestones, and plans for design, permitting, and procurement. To ensure a productive workshop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Review Workshop Topics 

Familiarize yourself with these key topics:

  • Design strategy
  • Permitting
  • Long lead & procurement strategy
  • Site logistics & utilities
  • Risks

Step 2: Prepare Your Inputs

Prior to the workshop, prepare a list of high-level activities (approximately 10-20 working days) related to the workshop topics. These activities should be essential for discussion and planning during the sessions. Use the provided high-level master schedule as a starting point and identify activities that align with the workshop topics.

Step 3: Identify Risks

Utilize the additional tab in the provided spreadsheet to identify any risks that should be discussed during the workshop. Consider potential obstacles or challenges related to design, permitting, procurement, site logistics, or other relevant factors.

Step 4: Submission Deadline

Ensure timely submission of your completed file. The deadline for submission is the close of business on the specified date. This allows us to preload the activities into the scheduling tool for the workshop.

Step 5: Engage and Collaborate

Come prepared to engage in collaborative discussions and contribute your expertise to the planning process. Be ready to share insights, ask questions, and work together towards establishing a comprehensive plan for the new facility design project.

As the facilitator, focus on getting active participation in the workshop and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve your project goals!

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