This presentation dispels the notion of the elusive as-built critical path and introduce the concept of the algorithmic as-built schedule. As demonstrated at the PMI Global Congress 2010, the as-built critical path is alive and well, left of the data date. With the primacy accorded to the as-built schedule, analysts may welcome the addition of the algorithmic as-built alternative, sourced from the fully progressed update, in revisions of RP 29R-03, the SCL Protocol, and ASCE 67-17. 

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon 

Dr. Ponce de Leon is recognized as one of our nation’s foremost planning and scheduling subject matter experts. His broad professional experience includes executive and senior roles as investor’s developer, program manager, construction manager, and EPC contractor planner/scheduler. He continually pioneers innovations in project management and has written widely on the use of CPM in construction contracts as well as on schedule, delay, and acceleration analysis.

Dr. Vivek Puri
Dr. Vivek Puri 

Dr. Vivek Puri has significant experience planning and executing projects in both construction and information technology. Dr. Puri’s recent work involves research and development relating to NetPoint, NetRisk, and Schedule MD. Three innovative tools were developed in-house by PMA. His doctoral work addressed simulation applications for construction planning.

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