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NetPoint + GPM

An immersive, virtual event focused on scheduling and planning.

About the Conference

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NetPoint + GPM Conference focuses on software innovation for planning, scheduling, and risk management for the construction industry. Project managers, software developers, and company leaders share case studies and their expertise in using NetPoint®, a planning and scheduling application that allows for collaboration, and NetRisk™, a schedule risk analysis program. Both NetPoint and NetRisk are powered by GPM®, a flexible scheduling algorithm that enables real-time feedback.

Who Attends?

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Project Managers

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Earn Free PDUs or CEUs!

Why Attend?

At the NetPoint + GPM Conference, you will learn about new and fascinating scheduling and risk management software developments and get fundamental and advanced training in NetPoint and NetRisk. You will advance your project management skills, interact with insightful speakers from various industries, and build your network.

  • Earn PDUs or CEUs.
  • Get hands-on NetPoint training.
  • Learn best practices from experts with decades of field experience.
    Network with project leaders from multiple industries.
  • Get a look into the future of schedule summarization with Project Summit, a tool that provides effortless visualization and vertical traceability of detailed execution schedules.
NetPoint Training at the NetPoint and GPM Conference

Our Innovation Leaders

Gui Ponce de Leon

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon
Chief Executive Officer

Tim Mather, COO, PMA Technologies, PMA Consultants

Tim Mather
Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Vivek Puri

Dr. Vivek Puri
Senior Director

Seve Ponce de Leon, Senior Director

Seve Ponce de Leon
Senior Director

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