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GPM® methodology

A revolutionary scheduling algorithm

The Graphical Path Method™ is an alternative to CPM that promotes rapid, collaborative, and informed project planning. GPM allows schedules to be created more intuitively and introduces innovative concepts that improve schedule optimization and analysis.

Powerful, not overpowering

Interactive project management tools

Top project managers and schedulers choose NetPoint because it presents essential project details—such as the critical path—to stakeholders of all levels. Complex construction schedules can be summarized into one page to effectively communicate with the project team. NetPoint transforms scheduling into an interactive, planning-centric experience that naturally promotes collaboration.

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What Our Users Are Saying

5 Star NetPoint Rating

“Outstanding Software that is User Friendly and Easy to Read”

Easy quick scheduling. Easy to translate message to owners and executive management.

5 Star NetPoint Rating

“A Critical Tool in the Professional Scheduler’s Arsenal”

Netpoint has been my “go-to” tool of choice whenever a practical level of schedule insight is needed. From interactive planning and portfolio planning to project\program overviews Netpoint has proven to be valuable in conveying vital schedule-related data necessary to make well informed decisions.

5 Star NetPoint Rating

“Great Service!”

Their tech support is one of the best! I have contacted them a few times for different issues. They always contact immediately with proper solutions.