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Do your projects require maintaining multiple schedules for different levels of detail? Summarizing large and detailed schedules and keeping multiple schedules synchronized can be very challenging and time-consuming. Seve Ponce de Leon and Sergio Ponce de Leon present how we are leveraging NetPoint’s ability to create interactive and high-level schedules with new solutions we’re working on to solve core problems like these and advance our vision: reliable project schedules that everyone understands. See what’s coming next on our journey to transform planning and scheduling!

Seve Ponce de Leon

Seve manages the design and development of NetPoint. He conducts software testing, produces technical documentation, and manages customer support, focusing on quality assurance and quality control. Seve earned his BS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sergio Ponce de Leon

Sergio manages the design and development of NetPoint, where he focuses on feature road maps and UI/UX design and release coordination. Sergio is pursuing an MS in information with specializations in human computer interaction and information analysis and retrieval from the University of Michigan.

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