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why was bill potts only in one season

He then introduced her to the concept of "swimming" in the gravity-deprived atmosphere, although this was cut short when the area around them was heavily disturbed by a passing land ship. Bill challenged the Doctor demanding to know whether he had ever killed anyone to which he confirmed saying that he did not have the luxury for outrage as he was 2000 years old. Another behind the scenes moment. (COMIC: The Great Shopping Bill). One more memorable moment (TV: The Haunting of Villa Diodati) A short time later, Bill was one of many individuals she recalled to break free from the the Matrix on Gallifrey. Upon being attacked by the creature again, Bill and the Romans escaped and encountered the Doctor and Nardole with the Picts. But, when the Christmas special trailer was published online over the weekend, fans saw a glimpse of Bill Potts in the trailer, who will reunite with the Doctor one … When they returned to the TARDIS, Bill and Nardole discovered that the Doctor had let Missy out of the vault for "maintenance". Mother: [14] On the same day, Mackie officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con that she would not be returning for the eleventh series. She was also rather brave, leading her group of flatmates when they were scared. BBC has not confirmed, simply saying viewers will have to watch and see. In the concluding episode of season 10, fans were lead to believe that Mackie had now left the show after running away with her love interest, Heather. Partner: They escaped and projected themselves into the real world until they woke up. The character is popular, so her presence would ease the often uncomfortable transition from a beloved Doctor to "that new guy" taking his place. After Sutcliffe made racist remarks towards Bill, however, the Doctor punched him in the face. Though the Doctor initially attempted to parlay with the Flood, he soon realised that they were caught in a time loop relating to his adversary Fenric. DOCTOR WHO season 10 finally hit screens this evening with opening episode Pilot, complete with the introduction of new companion Bill Potts. Inside, the army leaders were burned by the Monks for consenting out of strategy. ", Costumes worn by Bill throughout the series, on display at the Doctor Who Experience, "3 Brand new Twelfth Doctor adventures coming to books in April! Not only is Bill Potts a black female but she is also openly gay. Rushing to find him, Bill was too late to warn him of a Weeping Angel behind him. Bill showed them a photo of Matildus being grumpy, which revealed something strange around her head. (PROSE: Plague City), When the Vault needed a new Relative Dimensional Stabiliser, the Doctor took Bill and Nardole to Übermarket where Bill helped a lost Pathicol child called Tyto find her parents. Afterwards, the sky opened up, and the group saw the Stikini get burnt by an unknown force in the Red Skies. [5], In April 2016, it was announced that Pearl Mackie would portray the newest companion Bill Potts, after the departure of Jenna Coleman. Bill once again got separated from the Doctor when she was chased by Kar and then encountered a Roman. The character's name was in fact inspired when Moffat overheard David Tennant, who portrayed the Tenth Doctor, offhandedly call out to Billie Piper by the name Bill on the set of "The Day of the Doctor" in 2013.[16]. She also retained the ability to cry, a gift her romantically involved classmate Heather granted her to be able to find her. She was also easily able to figure out that the Doctor intended to wipe her memory when he tried to put his hands on her head, and even called out the Doctor for thinking she was stupid enough to fall for it. After Jenny had explained the events that led to her arrival, Bill was ready to help only to be shocked by the white energy that emanated from the Void, finding she was immune to it. When the Monks took over Earth, Bill was able to maintain her memory of the Doctor and the world before their rule by using her imaginary image of her mother. (TV: Smile). Despite his two companions not trusting her, the Doctor maintained the belief that Missy could change. Having Bill evacuate the Ice Warriors, the Doctor detonated a volcano to destroy the Flood strain, before evacuating everyone. After accepting a human death, Bill finds herself part of Testimony. The Doctors managed to trace and neutralise the malignant energy but doing so left only the Twelfth Doctor with any memories of what had happened, him happily taking Bill and Nardole away to tell them what had just happened. Why Doctor Who needs season arcs; Features ... Bill Potts. On one of the photos, Bill could see the Doctor's reflection. Bill went to the Doctor's office, and then he brought her into the TARDIS. (TV: Twice Upon a Time), Bill was a lesbian. The Stikini threatened the life of Zeke Tolbert, but Bill promised to tell Totika the truth about Bill's travels to other worlds. (TV: The Pilot), She also possessed a strong will power. When the Doctor discovered the Vardy robots had killed the set-up team on the colony, the pair almost blew up the ship around which the city had been built before realising that the colonists had already arrived and were in hibernation. Years later, they decide to live by the sea and grow old as humans. As the Doctor’s companion, she gets a lot of screen-time, and is central to the plot. Bill was born around 1991. Potts only starred in one season (boo) of the legendary BBC show, alongside Peter Capaldi. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension), With Nardole joining the Doctor and Bill on off-world adventures, the trio visited NASA and discovered the phrase "God Save the Queen" on the surface of Mars. She was implied to have sworn on multiple occasions, (TV: Thin Ice, The Lie of the Land) and also once called the Doctor a "bloody arse". [3] Before her premiere episode was broadcast, Bill made a cameo appearance in a Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, titled "The Daft Dimension", alongside Nardole in Issue #511 (May 2017). Titled "Friend from the Future", it introduced Bill and the Doctor in an encounter with Daleks. The Doctor assured her she wasn't and told her to call Penny that night as he had a "feeling [they were] going to be very busy". Bill made such an impression in one series, and was so fun as a character, that I think she may well have been my ultimate favourite had she been given more time in the role. Humans who have been inside the Doctor's TARDIS, valid source for in-universe articles on this wiki, https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/Bill_Potts?oldid=3069377. Appearances: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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