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Ryan Donaldson and Eric Sylvestre explain how FACCA, a heavy civil construction firm based in Ontario, Canada, has adopted NetPoint as the compete planning and scheduling solution. From project inception, through project execution, and resolving delays, they use NetPoint to drive project success. FACCA has discovered that through visualization of the plan and schedule they gain efficiencies and a more thorough common understanding of the tasks at hand. This presentation focuses on the value attained using NetPoint GPM visualization to drive project collaboration.

Eric Sylvestre PE | Facca Inc.

Eric Sylvestre holds a BASc in civil engineering form from the University of Windsor and has experience working on bridge, culvert, and marine projects. He uses NetPoint to improve efficiency at completing project deliverables on time and within budget.

Ryan Donaldson | Facca Inc.

Ryan Donaldson holds a Degree in Civil/Mechanical Engineering. Ryan spent the first 5 years of his career in product development and program management in the automotive industry where he used MS Project as his scheduling/planning software. He was introduced to NetPoint in the construction industry at the inception of his employment at Facca Inc. in 2017. He is well versed in both softwares and views Netpoint as an actual planning tool.

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