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Features NetPoint Primavera
See schedule changes in real time
Planned dates without constraints vs early dates
Float calculations
Resources calculation
Graphic and interactive for collaborative planning


Draw and link activities intuitively, directly on a time-scaled network diagram.

  • Import/Export Capability – with Primavera, Microsoft Project and Excel
  • Concurrent Licensing – share licenses among multiple users
  • Superior Graphical Interface
  • Interactivity – Make changes to your schedule in real-time.
  • Planned dates – The graphic planning method supports planning beyond early dates
  • Visual resource display reacts to a changing plan

animated image of real time schedule network update

Plan & Schedule Simultaneously

Gone are the days of hitting F9. With NetPoint®, dates, durations, logic relationships, and the critical path all refresh in real-time as the schedule is modified.

image of import export menu in netpoint

Import & Export with P6

Use NetPoint® as a planning tool and then export to P6. Or, import a schedule from P6 to visualize activities graphically and perform dynamic resource leveling.

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A few of our satisfied customers

No other software can compare to Netpoint in facilitating collaboration.

Dan Molnar, Project Control Lead, Merck & Co

This is a step further into having [executives] understand the real inner workings of a schedule.

Commissioner Enrique Zuniga, Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Students can concentrate on learning quality scheduling rather than learning a scheduling software tool.

Jesus M. de la Garza, Professor of Construction Engineering & Management, Virginia Tech

It is a highly interactive project management tool.

Commissioner James McHugh, Massachusetts Gaming Commission

System Requirements

NetPoint® and NetRisk™ are compatible with Windows XP with Service Pack 2, WIndows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, including 64-bit versions.

A minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 and a 16-bit color setting are required. Higher resolution and a 32-bit color setting result in a better graphic image. A minimum of 200MB of free memory is recommended.

The following amounts of RAM are recommended for best performance:

  • Up to 250 objects: a minimum of 1GB
  • 250 to 500 objects: a minimum of 2GB
  • Over 500 objects: at least 4GB

It is possible to work with up to 2,500 objects with an adequately resourced machine.