Virtual Planning
with NetPoint

Help remote teams stay aligned and focused with virtual interactive planning.

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Coordinate various field crews responsible for managing the schedule and delivering the work.
Identify handoffs and completion dates. Then communicate the schedule with the team and decision makers.
Impress leadership with a better planning approach and improve project performance.

Virtual Planning Resources

Webinar: NetPoint with Microsoft Teams

Stay tuned for a webinar demonstrating how to use NetPoint with Microsft Teams for interactive planning with remote project teams.

Microsoft Teams for Virtual Planning with NetPoint

Microsoft Teams Conferencing

Ready to add the meetings workload, including audio conferencing, video, and project plan sharing? Learn how to use Microsoft Teams for your planning sessions. 

Virtual Planning with NetPoint

Blog: Successful Virtual Project Planning

Technical tools and project management skills can be successfully navigated using these five tips for setting up a virtual project planning session.

System Requirements

NetPoint® and NetRisk™ are compatible with Windows XP with Service Pack 2, WIndows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, including 64-bit versions.

A minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 and a 16-bit color setting are required. Higher resolution and a 32-bit color setting result in a better graphic image. A minimum of 200MB of free memory is recommended.

The following amounts of RAM are recommended for best performance:

  • Up to 250 objects: a minimum of 1GB
  • 250 to 500 objects: a minimum of 2GB
  • Over 500 objects: at least 4GB

It is possible to work with up to 2,500 objects with an adequately resourced machine.

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