Graphical Path Method, Video

Power to stakeholders is the essence of the GPM Planners’ Credo. As elaborated by Dr. Gui, GPM planners advocate that managing the project should rely on visual, collaborative, transparent, and rational processes that fully engage stakeholders and inherently result in ownership of and commitment to the plan. The seven key elements of the GPM Planners’ Credo are expounded in this keynote presentation.

Presented by: Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, PE, PMP, LEED AP

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon is the founder of PMA, a diversified project management firm based in Michigan. The firm has 12 offices nationwide and employs 200 professionals. Since 2000, PMA has been ranked among the top 50 Program Management firms and Construction Management-for-Fee firms in the US by Engineering News-Record.

Dr. Gui’s career in project management spans four decades. Since 2004, he has led development of PMA’s groundbreaking graphical path method (GPM) of planning/scheduling and its software embodiments, NetPoint and NetRisk. With GPM, Dr. Gui is on a quest to transform project scheduling from something specialists do using a black box to a stakeholder-rich process that relies on visual, graphical, intuitive, kinetic, and cognitively responsive decision support tools that promote collaboration and enhance stakeholder interaction.

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