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NetPoint managed construction on a technology campus using Last Planner short interval scheduling. PMA’s Nick Gendron developed a Last Planner process to improve schedule and field communication with the construction manager and with contractors. NetPoint turned Post-it Notes into clear, valuable schedule data that was visually communicated, integrated with weekly work plans to view progress, and fed data into the Primavera P6 master schedule. Pull planning sessions with the project team utilized NetPoint to improve the planning and scheduling process. 

Nick Gendron 

Mr. Nick Gendron is a skilled project and construction manager and a project controls scheduler with experience in power, aviation, pharmaceutical, data, transportation, healthcare, and hospitality industries. He has comprehensive knowledge of and experience in major project management software programs and in budget and schedule reporting, and he effectively leads multi-subconsultant teams and serves as the primary point of contact in managing tasks, subconsultant budgets, and contracts; providing timely change management; and communicating and coordinating project activities. 


CPM tools only allow you to plan from left to right or the data date to the finish. NetPoint also allows you to work from right to left. 

The contract is critical. Some might spell out a requirement or time for the sessions. Essentially, time spent away from the project site must be in the contract. 

There is no maximum number, but it must include the people crucial to the job, getting everyone involved. Max can be 30-40 people on large projects, and sometimes you only need a dozen. 

In a pull plan, addressing issues to a schedule is the best way to manage problems. 

The prime best manages this process. Many owners are involved in the process and should be present. Owners have a responsibility, and it might affect the project. 

You can do either, but preferably in-person attendance is the best way to interact. 

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