Statusing and Entering Percent Complete

Once the has been set and a target has been captured, actual dates and durations can be entered (also known as “statusing”). In NetPoint, actual dates and durations are one in the same with planned dates and planned durations. As a result, statusing individual activities is best done graphically on the canvas. However, if multiple activities haven’t yet started, they can be delayed to the data date as a group automatically. In addition, percent of work completed can be entered using the Estimated Complete field. Instructions for each are provided below.


Statusing Manually

  1. Click the Select Tool icon Select Tool Icon in the toolbar.
  2. Select the desired object on the canvas.
  3. If the object has been delayed or started earlier, drag it to the right or left respectively and release the mouse when finished.
  4. To change the duration of an activity, hover the mouse over the start or finish node respectively until a double-arrow appears.
  5. Click and drag the node earlier or later until it lands on the desired date.
  6. Release the mouse. This will also update the duration.

NOTE: Dates and durations can also be statused graphically using the Gestural Interface or numerically through an object’s property window. For more info, see [bookmark postid=”8993″ anchor=”devices”]Fine-Tuning/Gestural Controls[/bookmark].

Statusing to the Data Date

  1. With the Select Tool Select Tool Icon chosen in the toolbar, double-click the red counter on the data date, or click Schedule > Manage Schedule Progress… from the menu bar.
  2. Select a desired activity in the list.
  3. Press the CTRL key on the keyboard
  4. Without releasing the CTRL key, select the next desired activity in the list, scrolling if necessary.
  5. Repeat step 4 as many times as needed.
  6. Click Slide to DD.
  7. Click the red “X” to close the window.

NOTE: If an attempt is made to slide an activity to the data date but that activity has any successors that have already been actualized (i.e. blocking objects), the activity will only jump to the blocking objects. A notification will appear and the blocking objects will be spotlighted in yellow until the user makes a change on the canvas, such as moving an object. The yellow box can also be cleared by choosing Objects > Restore Faded Colors for All Objects.

Entering Percent Complete

  1. With the Select Tool Select Tool Icon chosen in the toolbar, double-click an activity or right-click and choose Properties.
  2. Enter a number next to Estimated Complete.
  3. Click OK.