Data Dates

A is an object on the canvas used to represent the date to which the project has been statused. Data dates help provide a clear visual indicator of the progress of the schedule. The data date appears as a blue circle with a blue line extending the height of the canvas on that date.

By default, the data date is set to the project start. When equal to the project start, however, it cannot be displayed or modified. Once a new data date is inserted, the prior data (if any) date will become faded, and if any un-actualized objects cross the data date, a red counter will appear in the upper-right corner displaying the exact number.

the data date

A data date cannot be moved on the canvas. If needed, it may be modified using the arrow keys on the keyboard or the Gestural Interface. For more info, see [bookmark postid=”8993″ anchor=”pushing-or-pulling-objects”]Pushing or Pulling Objects[/bookmark]. Likewise, a data date cannot be deleted. However, the most current data date may be reset to the project start. Instructions for this, as well as inserting, hiding, or showing the data date, are provided below.


Inserting a Data Date

  1. Click the Data Date icon Data Date icon in the toolbar.
  2. Move the cursor over the canvas and stop at the desired date, indicated by the text above the crosshairs .
  3. Left-click with the mouse and release.
  4. In the confirmation, choose to either capture or not capture a corresponding target. For more info, see [bookmark postid=”11397″ anchor=”target”]The Targets Manager[/bookmark].

NOTE: If working in CPM Mode, all activities to the left of the data date (or crossing through it) must have start and finish constraints applied before the data date is placed. Otherwise, the network (i.e. all connected activities and milestones) will jump to the data date (since this is where drift is calculated to) and be unable to be actualized. To set constraints globally for all necessary objects, see [bookmark postid=”8278″ anchor=”multiple-objects”]Bulk-Editing Objects[/bookmark].

Resetting the Data Date

  1. Click the Select Tool Select Tool Icon icon in the toolbar.
  2. Right-click on the data date and select Reset to Project Start.

NOTE: This will have the effect of deleting all previous data dates and de-actualizing all objects.

Hiding/Showing Data Dates

  1. Click Schedule > Modify Schedule Properties and choose the Displays tab.
  2. Check or uncheck the boxes next to Current Data Date and/or Old Data Dates, as desired.

NOTE: Old data dates can only be displayed if the current data date is displayed.


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