The Targets Manager

The Targets Manager is where all the functionality is located, such as capturing targets, comparing targets to one another, and exporting targets. The window itself is non-modal, meaning that you can navigate to other menus or make modifications on the canvas without having to close it.

Both lists can be customized by having their columns sorted, added and removed. In the bottom list, the canvas will be scrolled and the item spotlighted as you select different items, but this can be disabled. In addition, both lists can be individually exported to Excel. Instructions provided below.

NOTE: Sorting is not saved and will refresh when changing views or leaving and coming back.


Sorting, Adding, and Removing Columns

  1. Click Tools > Open Targets Manager from the menu bar.
  2. To sort by a certain field, click once on the column’s label to sort from top to bottom, or click twice to sort from bottom to top.
  3. To add or remove a column, right-click on any column.
    1. Choose the desired field. A checkmark will appear or disappear and the list will refresh.
    2. To close the menu, click anywhere outside of it.
  4. Repeat step 3 as desired.
  5. To remove a column graphically (upper list only), left-click on the desired column.
    1. Without releasing the mouse, drag it up or down until a black “X” appears.
    2. Release the mouse.
  6. Repeat step 5 as desired.
  7. To rearrange a column, left-click on the desired column
    1. Without releasing the mouse, drag it left or right until two red arrows appear to indicate where it will be placed.
    2. Release the mouse
  8. When finished, click Close. Any changes will be automatically saved.

NOTE: As new columns are added, a scroll bar will be added to make more space. Any customization is tied to the computer (not to the schedule) and will be reset upon re-installation of NetPoint.

Exporting a List to Excel

  1. Click Tools > Open Targets Manager from the menu bar.
  2. Right-click on the columns at the top of either list.
  3. Choose either Export Displayed Rows & Columns or Export All Rows & Columns.

/Disabling Canvas Scroll

  1. Click Tools > Open Targets Manager from the menu bar. The Targets Manager will open.
  2. Click the List icon List-button-for-web in the upper-right corner
  3. Click Scroll Canvas with Manager Selections. A checkmark will appear or disappear accordingly.

NOTE: This setting will also apply to the Codes and NetRisk managers, and will be saved after the manager is closed.


Manager Views

Icon Definition
Targets-UP The Targets view is for capturing targets and comparing variances between them. For instructions, see [bookmark postid=”14367″ anchor=”target”]Capturing Targets[/bookmark].