Updating a Schedule

Once a schedule has been created, it may be updated to track and monitor progress. In NetPoint, entering actual dates and durations (also known as “statusing”) is done just like drawing activities or leveling resources—graphically on the canvas. The entire process involves setting a data date, storing a target, statusing activities, and then actualizing statused activities. An update is complete once all activities left of the data date have been actualized.

Unique to NetPoint is the ability to calculate float attributes forensically. As the schedule is revised right of the data date, drifts, floats, and total floats continue to refresh for actualized activities left of the data date, reflecting any re-planning of the network.

Tip: To maintain a record of date-specific as-built forensic float attributes, save each update individually. Also, the user may choose to further secure the data. See [bookmark postid=”631″ anchor=”setting-a-password”]Setting a Password[/bookmark].