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Phase 1 of this new $4.5 billion subway line on the east side of Manhattan between 96th and 63rd Streets consists of four new stations and two miles of tunnel. It successfully achieved revenue service by the December 31, 2016 deadline in the grant agreement issued by the FTA.

This presentation explained how NetPoint was used to help make critical decisions related to accelerating the project when the governor of New York mandated on an on-time completion, despite earlier delays. Recognizing that the traditional scheduling tools provided too much detail, which obscured the critical interface points between multiple contracts, the program abandoned P6 in favor of Netpoint. Netpoint’s graphical interface allowed the project executives to rapidly identify potential delays and address them in real time. This project is a shining example of how miracles can still happen if proactive managers are supported by easy to understand project controls data.

Bruce Stephan, JD, PE, PMP

Bruce Stephan is a nationally recognized civil engineer and attorney with 30+ years of experience on engineering/construction projects, who just can’t resist getting his boots dirty to help save troubled projects. His distinguished career includes representing public owners and general contractors, as well as providing professional construction consulting worldwide. His award-winning experience includes numerous project delivery methods; dispute resolution; complex change order negotiation; claims analysis; schedule management; technology solutions; and management consulting on public CIPs. He is a frequent lecturer on how to achieve successful project outcomes, and has consulted with numerous public agencies to implement industry best practices.

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