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Place a Start icon Start embed or Finish icon Finish embed Embed on an activity

  1. To place an Embed, select Start or Finish embed icon.
  2. Hover mouse over activity and click and hold the mouse click to see the date and number of days of lag from start if a Start embed or lag to finish if a Finish embed.
  3. Release click to place embed.

Link an Embed

  1. Use Shift + click to select embed (not activity) and the object to link.
  2. Click the Link icon.

TIP: If an embed is difficult to select, hover over embed and right click. A list opens with the embed listed using the activity name appended with (via finish embed). Check the embed from the menu by clicking the name in the top list and choosing Select Checked items.

More details on SS & FF logic in NetPoint

  • A start embed links only to successor or zero-lag object & finish embed links only to predecessor or zero-lag object.
  • Negative lags are not supported. Proper SS or FF logic should be used instead.
  • One embed may be linked to several objects.
  • By default, embeds do not display date or lag value. To set show on the embed date and lag on the plan, set in the embed Properties box or set for multiple objects via Objects > Set Default Properties for Selected Objects in the Embeds tab.


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