Targets and Comparisons

A target is a snapshot of a schedule at a given moment in time. Creating a target captures the start date, finish date, duration, drift, float, and total float of all activities, milestones, benchmarks, delays, and hammocks. As the schedule progresses, current activity data may then be compared to earlier target data

NetPoint generates comparisons by using targets that correspond with different states of a schedule. This is done by first designating one target as the base and then another as the alternate. At any given time, only two targets can be compared to one another, but any target can be the alternate and any target can be the base. NetPoint includes both a tabular comparison and a visual comparison.

This chapter includes details for the following:

  1. The Targets Manager
  2. Capturing targets
  3. Tabular comparisons
  4. Visual target mode
  5. Exporting targets/comparisons