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Notes from the Field

NetPoint is an intuitive and powerful tool for modeling schedule, logic, and resources. Over the years, many users have created unexpected and useful schedule and resource models for specific applications. This...

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Visual Interactive Planning: Capital Programming

When engaging in capital planning, organizations need to strategically plan their capital investments over time, project and allocate resources, and prioritize projects within their capital portfolio. NetPoint has been successfully...

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Reengaging Project Teams in the Planning Process

Recently, we invested a significant amount of money to implement an earned value management approach. Though successful, the Project Controls Department (PCD) noticed that project teams were relying increasingly on...

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2015 NetPoint & GPM Conference Save the Date!

Date(s)   01/13/2015 to 01/14/2015   Location   San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina - San Diego, CA   Conference information   We cordially invite you to attend the Fifth Annual NetPoint® & GPM® Conference on January 13-14, 2015. Please...

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PMA Completes Fourth Annual NetPoint & GPM Conference

Date(s)   01/21/2014   Location   Walt Disney World Swan Hotel - Orlando, Florida   Conference information   Detroit, MI (February 10, 2014)   PMA Technologies held its fourth annual NetPoint® and GPM® Conference in Orlando, Florida on January 21, 2014.   Participants learned...

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