System Icons

System icons perform basic application functions, and are familiar to most users.

New Project Creates a blank NetPoint canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+N.
Open Project Accesses saved NetPoint projects. For detailed instructions, see Opening and Unzipping Projects. Shortcut: Ctrl+O.
Save Project Stores the latest changes to the file. Shortcut: Ctrl+S.
Cut to Clipboard Removes selected item(s) from the canvas to the clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+X.
Copy to Clipboard Place selected item(s) onto the clipboard without removing them from the canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+C.
Paste from Clipboard Inserts copied items from the clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+V. Click the down arrow to apply only the display and formatting characteristics of copied items from the clipboard to selected objects of the same type. For detailed instructions, see Paste Format.
Print Project Opens options for selecting a printer and adjusting print properties. Shortcut: Ctrl+P.
Undo Reverses the last actions. Undo does not apply to zoom, stretch, page setup, or print setup. Shortcut: Ctrl+Z.
Redo Reverses the previous undo actions. Redo does not apply to zoom, stretch, page setup, or print setup. Shortcut: Ctrl+Y.
Select Tool Grab, choose, select, or move activities and objects on the canvas. Shortcut: V.
Multi-Object Select Tool Grab, choose, or select multiple activities and objects without needing to use the SHIFT key. Shortcut: V.
Pan Tool Move around the canvas without needing to use the scroll bars. Shortcut: H/SPACE/MOUSEHWEEL.