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Deborah Palmer and Gino Napuri present practical insight into the added value of NetPoint for planning the construction of multiple data center facilities. One of the biggest challenges for the vast and growing data center facility industry is to provide the necessary overview at the optimal time, especially when executing multiple construction projects. Learn how NetPoint can improve communication and stakeholder buy-in for a more efficient, manageable, and scalable data center.

Deborah Palmer Assoc. AIA, CPM | PMA Consultants

Deborah Palmer has acquired extensive experience in program and project management on a number of large-scale industrial and commercial construction projects, with an aggregate total over $4 Billion. She is decidedly skilled in leading construction management, design, and logistical teams. A representative sample of significant projects she has managed includes constructing a $1.8B semi-conductor processing campus for a Taiwanese consortium that had to be constructed in twelve months; the design and construction of a university cancer research facility, and the construction of several other large-scale industrial processing facilities.

Gino Napuri PMP, EVP | PMA Consultants

Gino Napuri has extensive experience in design and construction management specializing in program and project controls, coordinating with internal and external clients, and handling team issues while representing employers professionally and engagingly. His distinguished career includes overseeing program and project controls teams for various types of projects including environmental remediation, rail, airports and, most recently, data centers. His experience includes overseeing the project controls of numerous data centers throughout the United States and Latin America for one of the biggest technology companies in the world.

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