Spotlighting/Highlighting Link Chains

As more and more relationships are added to the canvas, link geometries will continue to be optimized to minimize crossing and overlapping. Nevertheless, it can sometimes become difficult to discern exactly which two objects a given link is connecting and to do so quickly.

Similarly, a user may wish to fade all links that don’t have a driving relationship in order to clarify the canvas. To accomplish these tasks, NetPoint provides a feature for identifying the pre and post objects of a link and for highlighting driving link chains. Instructions for both are provided.


Spotlighting Pre/Post Objects

  1. With the Select Tool  chosen in the toolbar, right-click on the desired link.
  2. Choose Spotlight Pre-Object or Spotlight Post-Object.
  3. The menu will close and the object will be highlighted accordingly.
  4. To restore the canvas, choose Objects > Restore Faded Colors for All Objects from the menu bar.

Highlighting Driving Link Chains

  1. Click Objects > Highlight Driving Link Chains from the menu bar.
  2. Any links with positive gap (and the objects they connect) will be faded on the canvas.
  3. To restore the canvas, choose Objects > Restore Faded Colors for All Objects from the menu bar.