Speakers at the 5th Annual NetPoint & GPM Conference

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 – join project planning professionals and GPM and NetPoint software users for an intensive day of networking, learning, and sharing best practices.

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Speakers & Sessions

7:00 AM: Registration Opens

8:00 AM: Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation – Power to Stakeholders: GPM Planners’ Credo
Power to stakeholders is the essence of the GPM Planners’ Credo. As elaborated by Dr. Gui, GPM planners advocate that managing the project should rely on visual, collaborative, transparent, and rational processes that fully engage stakeholders and inherently result in ownership of and commitment to the plan. The seven key elements of the GPM Planners’ Credo are expounded in this keynote presentation.

Presented by Gui Ponce de Leon, PhD, PE, PMP, LEED AP

Dr. GuiDr. Gui Ponce de Leon is the founder of PMA, a diversified project management firm based in Michigan. The firm has 12 offices nationwide and employs 200 professionals. Since 2000, PMA has been ranked among the top 50 Program Management firms and Construction Management-for-Fee firms in the US by Engineering News-Record.

Dr. Gui’s career in project management spans four decades. Since 2004, he has led development of PMA’s groundbreaking graphical path method (GPM) of planning/scheduling and its software embodiments, NetPoint and NetRisk. With GPM, Dr. Gui is on a quest to transform project scheduling from something specialists do using a black box to a stakeholder-rich process that relies on visual, graphical, intuitive, kinetic, and cognitively responsive decision support tools that promote collaboration and enhance stakeholder interaction.

Reengaging Project Teams in the Planning Process

Recently, we invested a significant amount of money to implement an earned value management approach. Though successful, the Project Controls Department (PCD) noticed that project teams were relying increasingly on the project controls team to develop schedules, with little to no input from the project team. Consequently, schedules needed significant revisions days before the client expected them. To resolve this, the PCD began utilizing an intuitive tool, NetPoint, to facilitate planning sessions where project teams developed a sound approach for executing the work. NetPoint reengaged project teams in the planning process and contributed to planning the project in unique ways. The challenges faced by the PCD and how NetPoint contributed in overcoming them are addressed in this presentation.

Presented by Luis Terry, PMP

Luis TerryLuis Terry is a civil engineering and project management professional with more than nine years of experience working on projects in the retail, mining, and energy industries. He has knowledge of CPM scheduling, earned value management systems, cost controls procedures, contract administration, estimating, and project planning, and he has hands-on experience with Primavera P6 and MS Project. Mr. Terry has a degree in civil engineering from la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima, Peru, and a master’s in civil and construction engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Previewing NetPoint 5 and User-Requested Features
The release of NetPoint 5 includes a number of exciting new features, many of which are based directly on feedback from our users! Join Seve and Sergio as they preview some of the features behind NetPoint 5. Topics include activity bar sizes and patterns, criticality outlines, visual target comparison, importing WBS codes to generate swim lane layouts, a redesigned code-assignment interface, split screens, cost risk analysis, and more.

Presented by Seve Ponce de Leon and Sergio Ponce de Leon

Seve Ponce de LeonSeve Ponce de LeonSeve and Sergio Ponce de Leon manage the design and development of NetPoint. They focus on the user interface, user experience, quality assurance, documentation, and end-user support of NetPoint and its embedded products. Their work can also be found on the PMA Technologies and PMA Consultants websites. This will be their third time presenting at the annual NetPoint & GPM Conference. Seve holds a BS in English literature from the University of Wisconsin. Sergio holds a BS in environmental science from the University of Michigan.

How NetPoint Enhanced the Development of a Mega-Project Proposal Schedule
When pursuing work in today’s complex architectural, engineering, and construction industries, it is paramount to communicate an understanding of the problem needing to be solved, the proposed solution, and the merits of the proposed solution. Teams that most effectively achieve that goal during procurement are best positioned to be entrusted with the work. Ms. Katt will present a case study involving a mega project and how NetPoint helped transform a team’s minimally responsive P6 schedule into a compelling planning document, as well as how NetPoint served to differentiate the team by highlighting the innovative, thoughtful approaches the team was capable of delivering.

Presented by Shannon Katt

Shannon Katt
Shannon Katt has more than 20 years of construction industry experience and extensive knowledge of CPM scheduling and schedule risk analysis. Her project focus is primarily oil and gas, water/wastewater, and heavy civil infrastructure. She has developed, updated, and managed project schedules exceeding 30,000 activities, and she has led numerous schedule and cost risk assessments. Ms. Katt has conducted risk workshops and she has worked on a variety of projects that range from $50 million to $3 billion. Ms. Katt also has expertise in developing cost and schedule models for risk assessments, and she works with project teams to define the impact of risks and uncertainty on project budget and duration.

Notes from the Field
NetPoint is an intuitive and powerful tool for modeling schedule, logic, and resources. Over the years, many users have created unexpected and useful schedule and resource models for specific applications. This session will bring together and explain some of the best and most powerful manifestations of NetPoint model development and use.

Presented by Tim Mather, PMP

Tim MatherTim Mather is a collaborative, innovative, business-minded executive with a talent for aligning information technology with the goals and objectives of a business. He orchestrated the launch of PMA Technologies LLC and its flagship product, NetPoint®. Tim has extensive experience in program and project management, P&L, executive leadership, analysis, business processes, business development, software development, and implementation.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees with NetPoint
Obscuring a sensible, and possibly realistic, plan within a schedule is a continued and commonly accepted practice in today’s management services industry. Many are the cases where schedules must be developed and/or submitted in Oracle-Primavera or Microsoft Project, both of which entice a planner’s focus on “laundry-listing” and “lag-mining” during schedule development. While during early planning, it is crucial to maintain focus on the plan, the schedule eventually trumps the plan, though the plan represents the collective and collaborative efforts of those with the expertise, knowledge, and drive to successfully deliver a project. When the plan is no longer visible to stakeholders and managers alike, a fresh and much-needed project plan perspective is needed that reorients, recalibrates, and refocuses efforts on what critically matters for project success.

Presented by Noel Alvarez, PMP, LEED AP

Noel Alvarez
Noel Álvarez has more than 18 years of experience in pharmaceutical, private and mixed-use building, power, and aviation construction industries. He has extensive knowledge of project controls, integrated planning, scheduling, cost estimating, and construction project management. Noel holds a BS in architecture from Cornell University, is a certified Project Management Professional, a LEED-Accredited Professional, and he is a member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.

Capital Planning with NetPoint

When engaging in capital planning, organizations need to strategically plan their capital investments over time, project and allocate resources, and prioritize projects within their capital portfolio. NetPoint has been successfully used to develop and execute capital project portfolios. Mr. Brown will discuss key components of the capital planning process and how NetPoint can assist in developing capital plans.

Presented by Mike Brown

Mike Brown
Mike Brown is a project manager with 12 years of experience in project management, quality management, engineering, and program/project controls. His experience includes domestic and international home-office and field projects in upstream oil and gas, mining and minerals, chemical and polymers, aerospace and defense, consumer and forest products, energy, and infrastructure. Mr. Brown has a BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Maine.

Conference Closing

4:30 PM: Conference Adjourns

The full agenda is in development and subject to change. Please check back often for updates.

Pre-Conference Events

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Early Registration – 3-3:30 PM
Leveraging NetRisk & GPM for Project Risk Management – 3:30-4:30 PM
Reception – 5-8 PM
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