Sharing and Sending

To copy or move projects between hard drive locations, make sure to copy/move the entire project folder and not just the NetPointFile.np4 file.

To upload or email a schedule, it is recommended to use the .nzp file that can be found within the project folder, as opposed to manually zipping the project or sending the NetPointFile.np4 file by itself. The .nzp file is a compressed version of the project folder, which is updated each time the schedule is saved. It includes ALL files placed in the project folder, regardless of whether or not they were generated by NetPoint or put there by the user.

Alternatively, NetPoint provides an email utility from within the application. The email utility, however, will ONLY include NetPoint-generated files, leaving out any files placed in the project folder by the user.  For more information, see the notes at the end of this section.

NOTE: To benefit from Microsoft Outlook integration, NetPoint requires 32-bit installation. To check in Outlook 2010, click “File > Help”, and then look for the bit number in the right-most sections under “About Microsoft Outlook” after the “Version”. To check in Outlook 2013, click “File > Account”, click the big “About Outlook” icon, and then look for the bit number on the first line at the very end.


From within NetPoint

  1. When viewing the desired schedule, choose File > Send as Email Attachment from the menu bar.
  2. After a few seconds, the default email application will open, and a new message will be created with the NetPoint .nzp file attached.
  3. To finish, compose the message as desired and click Send. 

NOTE: To open a project from an email, see Opening and Unzipping Projects.


Email Utility

When using File > Send as Email Attachment, the contents of the project will be slightly different, according to the table below:

Permanent .nzp file
File > Send as Email Attachment
Saved/Unsaved Changes Only represents the last saved state. Any changes, including iObjects that may have been added, will not be reflected when zipped unless the project has since been saved. Represents the latest state, regardless of whether or not the project has been saved.
Supporting Files Includes ALL files placed in the project folder, whether generated by NetPoint or added by the user. Includes ONLY files generated by NetPoint, including: simulation files, layout files, exported Excel templates, and iObjects that have been copied to the project folder.