Netpoint, Presentations

Facca, a heavy civil construction company, uses NetPoint to improve communication and stakeholder buy-in. Level 1 master schedules are created to ensure a balanced year-round workflow in this seasonal industry. The presenters will demonstrate different level NetPoint schedules within the company and the use of NetPoint to attain schedule relief on a project by showing the effects of a delay to the use of a critical resource required elsewhere on the master schedule.

Eric Sylvestre EIT – Facca Inc.

Eric Sylvestre holds a BASc in civil engineering form from the University of Windsor and has experience working on bridge, culvert and marine projects. He uses NetPoint to improve efficiency at completing project deliverables on time and on budget.

Ryan Donaldson – Facca Inc.

Ryan Donaldson holds a BASc in civil engineering from the University of Windsor and Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University. Ryan has most of his experience in the automotive industry (product development & program management). He was introduced to NetPoint in the construction industry.

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