Schedule Menu

Click the Schedule menu to access the following: 

Modify Schedule Properties… Opens a window for customizing and formatting the entire plan. For detailed instructions, see Schedule Properties.
Manage Schedule Progress… Opens a window for actualizing objects with respect to a data date. For detailed instructions, see Actualizing Objects.
Set Password… Opens options for settings a password to read or modify the schedule. For detailed instructions, see Password Permissions.
Shade Non-working Days Adds vertical shading to all non-working days. For detailed instructions, see Displaying Holidays.
Prompt for Grid Numbers When Pasting Enables a prompt each time an object is pasted from the clipboard to determine its vertical grid position. For detailed instructions, see Grid Options.
Open Layout Manager Opens a window for saving, viewing, and deleting layouts and running the automated layout engine. For detailed instructions, see Layouts.
Animate When Running Redraws the network in real-time while an automated layout is ran.
Always Fine Tune After Running Applies a fine tune after running an automated layout. For detailed instructions, see Running Automated Layouts.
Run Automated Layout Begins the layout processing. For detailed instructions, see Running Automated Layouts.
Layout Manager Settings Contains options for resetting the Layout Manager settings. For detailed instructions, see Running Automated Layouts.