Saving and Renaming

When saving a project, the schedule itself will be named NetPointFile.np4, a folder will be created using the description you entered, and the schedule file will be automatically placed in it. The NetPointFile.np4 file should never be renamed; instead, to rename a project, always edit the folder itself.

In addition, each time a project is saved, a file with a .nzp extension will be saved in the project folder for easy emailing or uploading. For more info, see Sharing and Sending Projects.

NOTE: If you’re downloading a project from the web through a browser, always right-click to specify where it will be saved, as some download locations may have limited access or permissions.



  1. While viewing the desired schedule, choose File > Save Project or File > Save Project As from the menu bar.
  2. On the left, browse for the location in which you want the new project to be saved, and select it in the list. NOTE: To create a new folder, click the New Folder button. To edit or delete a folder, right-click and choose accordingly.
  3. After selecting the folder, a list of existing NetPoint projects will show up on the right. Enter a description next to Save Project As. This will be the name of the new project. NOTE: At any time, a project may be deleted or renamed by right-clicking on it in the list.
  4. After entering a description, click Save.


  1. While viewing the desired schedule, choose File > Save Project As from the menu bar. By default, the Save window will default to the current project.
  2. To choose a different project, browse on the left for the location in which the project resides.
  3. On the right, right-click the project itself and choose Rename Project.
  4. Begin typing and click Enter.
  5. When finished, click Cancel.