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When COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic in March of 2020, almost every project was immediately affected by this new and unprecedented level of uncertainty. Angel Arvelo and Dennis Lucey present how project teams implemented new practices to safeguard workers and minimize the most immediate effects, and Owners endeavored to understand project impact to make informed decisions on recalibrating their overall strategies. PMA Consultants worked with client organizations to comprehend these new risks, update project schedules to reflect their impacts, and to formulate new execution plans, identify variability, and model uncertainty, all while adjusting to the new working environment. This presentation demonstrates how the team leveraged NetPoint to evaluate impacts to the project schedule and to collaborate with stakeholders to recalibrate the plan and used NetRisk to factor uncertainty into the program and to model different scenarios to assist both project team and the Owner to make informed decisions.

Angel Arvelo

Angel has extensive experience delivering large complex projects for clients in multiple industries. His experience includes work with oil and gas, pharmaceutical/GMP, life science, alternative energy, power generation & utilities, civil infrastructure, as well as commercial development projects. Angel’s areas of expertise include project management, construction management, project controls, risk assessment and management, planning and scheduling, cost control and management, strategic planning and claims support.

Dennis Lucey

For over 20 years, Dennis has implemented, and managed project controls processes and systems that have delivered effective management tools and led to successful project outcomes. He has public and private sector experience in design, project management, and construction management. Dennis’s expertise areas include risk management, project scheduling and planning, contract management, cost controls, and related project management services.

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