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Intro to NetPoint Training

Tim Mather and Vivek Puri provide a comprehensive overview of NetPoint, imparting basic concepts, new features, and important tips necessary to understanding the unique aspects of the application....

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Global Rollout of NetPoint Interactive Planning

Daniel Hamilton, global project controls expert, presents how Worley incorporated NetPoint into their global transformational interactive planning process for enhanced identification of critical activities and improved team building and accountability....

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Developmental History of NetPoint & GPM

Tim Mather, Vivek Puri, and Liang Liu retrace the developmental history of NetPoint and the Graphical Path Method (GPM).  Since the development of the underlying Logic Diagramming Method and its...

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Keynote: Schedule Density Zooming

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon discusses Schedule Density Zooming™ at the 2021 NetPoint + GPM Conference. Learn how schedulers needing to summarize and translate massive P6 schedules face an arduous,...

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Zoom-in to the Future of NetPoint

Do your projects require maintaining multiple schedules for different levels of detail? Summarizing large and detailed schedules and keeping multiple schedules synchronized can be very challenging and time-consuming. Seve Ponce...

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Cost and Risk Analysis Workshop

Are your projects meeting schedule and budget? Have you wondered about three-point estimates, Monte Carlo, sensitivity, qualitative, or quantitative analysis? Learn the best practices and major steps of any risk...

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Keeping Projects on Track

Bruce Stephan presents how NetPoint and NetRisk have helped large public transit agencies like FTA, NY MTA and LA Metro identify schedule risks and secure on-time completion of multi-billion-dollar projects....

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