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The release of NetPoint 5 includes a number of exciting new features, many of which are based directly on feedback from our users! Join Seve and Sergio as they preview some of the features behind NetPoint 5. Topics include activity bar sizes and patterns, criticality outlines, visual target comparison, importing WBS codes to generate swim lane layouts, a redesigned code-assignment interface, split screens, cost risk analysis, and more.

Seve Ponce de Leon and Sergio Ponce de Leon

Seve and Sergio Ponce de Leon manage the design and development of NetPoint. They focus on the user interface, user experience, quality assurance, documentation, and end-user support of NetPoint and its embedded products. Their work can also be found on the PMA Technologies and PMA Consultants websites. This will be their third time presenting at the annual NetPoint & GPM Conference. Seve holds a BS in English literature from the University of Wisconsin. Sergio holds a BS in environmental science from the University of Michigan.

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