Presenting NetPoint’s Schedule IQ at the 2017 CPM Conference



01/10/2017 to 01/13/2017




Swan Resort – Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida


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NetPoint Metrics Capabilities


Understanding scheduling best practices is essential to creating a reliable project schedule. NetPoint 5.2’s Schedule IQ module harnesses these best practices into a solid framework of metrics that can be used to measure and improve the reliability of your schedule. PMA Consultants (PMA) published Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule which came to be the foundation upon which a high quality, reliable schedule could be understood and Schedule IQ implemented.


The development of Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule was an eighteen month effort with over 20 contributing authors. As contributing authors, Tim and Vivek worked with PMA’s PMA’s founder, Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon and top scheduling talent from around the country to develop a detailed, comprehensive approach to creating, progressing, and analyzing a critical path schedule. For each of the 20 Core Traits we drill down to a detailed explanation of what each trait means and what the impact to the quality of the schedule would be if the trait were not properly adhered to. This is the guiding framework for the new schedule metrics functionality in NetPoint 5.2.


Tim Mather, PMP

Tim MatherMr. Mather is a collaborative, innovative, business-minded executive with a talent for aligning information technology with the goals and objectives of a business. He orchestrated the launch of PMA Technologies LLC and its flagship product, NetPoint®. Mr. Mather has extensive experience in program and project management, change management, P&L, executive leadership, analysis, business processes, business development, software development, and implementation.



Vivek Puri, PhD, PMP

Vivek PuriDr. Puri has expert experience in construction management research, simulation and risk management, and construction planning and execution. He completed his PhD in civil engineering from Purdue University and his Master of Technology in construction technology and management from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. Dr. Puri’s PhD thesis focused on combined continuous and discrete event simulation of project operations and its use in project planning.



Join us at the NetPoint & GPM Conference on March 2–3, 2017 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel.


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