PMA Technologies Debuts NetRisk™ at Third Annual NetPoint® User Conference

Detroit, MI (January 25, 2013)


PMA Technologies, a leading provider of innovative project management and construction industry software applications, announced today the release of NetRisk at the PMA Third Annual NetPoint User Conference. The conference, held in New Orleans, is an intensive two-day seminar covering best practices in planning and scheduling as well as innovative applications of GPM® and NetPoint. Keynote speaker, Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, PE, PMP, LEED AP, described how NetRisk will change the performance of schedule risk analysis in the industry and the future of schedule risk analysis compared to the current state of deterministic project planning.


NetRisk, NetPoint’s risk analysis module, allows users to perform qualitative and quantitative risk analyses. NetRisk provides a probabilistic schedule analysis using a Monte Carlo simulation, and it is the only risk analysis tool built into the same application used to create schedules. The module was designed to save time when assessing schedule risks as most tools build the schedule and require exporting the schedule to a separate program for risk analysis.


For more information on the new NetRisk module, please visit our website for a free 30-day trial at



PMA Technologies is a unique fusion of PM practitioners along with software developers and designers. We are passionate about channeling our intellectual innovation into real and practical solutions to improve the world of project management. We actively develop NetPoint®, a collaborative planning and scheduling app, and NetRisk™, a schedule risk analysis addition for NetPoint. Both NetPoint and NetRisk are powered by GPM®, a flexible scheduling algorithm that enables real-time feedback and offers new opportunities in schedule optimization.


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