Opening Support Tickets

In the event that NetPoint terminates unexpectedly, the user may choose to open a support ticket. The ticket will be opened by sending an error report in the background using their default email client.

By default, the report will include a screenshot of NetPoint at the time of the error, the NetPoint log file, an XML file, a DMP file, and the project .nzp file for the schedule that caused the termination. Any of these files can be removed via right-click, and other files may added in the same manner. The information sent to NetPoint support will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purposes of repairing the error or otherwise improving NetPoint. For more information, see Error Reporting Confidentiality.

Once submitted, NetPoint will reopen automatically, and the file recovery process will launch if applicable. For more information, see Understanding File Recovery.


  1. The NetPoint Helpdesk window will open automatically.
  2. To view or modify included files, click What will be included?
    1. To preview a file, select it in the list and scan the preview below.
    2. To open a file, double-click it in the list.
    3. To remove a file, right-click it in the list and click Delete Selected File(s).
    4. To add a file, right-click on any item and choose Attach More File(s).
    5. To export a ZIP of all files, click the Export button at the bottom and save it accordingly.
    6. When finished, click Close.
  3. To add a comment, click Add a comment.
    1.  Type in the text area provided.
  4. When ready, click Open Ticket. A confirmation will open.
  5. Click OK to complete the process.
  6. Depending on your security, another confirmation may open. Click Allow.

NOTE: If a default email client is not found, the error report will be saved to MyDocuments\NetPointAppData\CrashReports as a zip file, which can be emailed directly to support.


By default, the following files are included in the error report. Your privacy is taken very seriously; for more information, see Error Reporting Confidentiality.

Field Definition
SupportLog.html An HTML file that includes system information as well as a list of recent actions taken. Once generated, the log file is stored in MyDocuments\NetPointAppData as SupportLog.html. For more information, see Generating Log Files.
ProjectFile.nzp The project folder and its contents, including the schedule and other supporting files. All information will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purposes of repairing the error or otherwise improving NetPoint. For more information, see Error Reporting Confidentiality.
crashdump.dmp A Windows file generated by dumping the memory at the time of the crash.
crashrpt.xml An XML file that includes system information, such as the operating system, version number, and memory usage.
screenshot0.jpg A screenshot taken at the time of the error, just before NetPoint closes. NOTE: The screenshot ONLY includes the NetPoint window; any other windows, including the desktop, will be blacked out.