PMA Technologies (PMA) announces the release of NetPoint 5.3

PMA, a leading provider of innovative project management and construction industry software applications, announced today a new release of NetPoint. This release delivers new functionality and enhancements to develop and analyze schedules for consistent, more reliable results.

“The new features in NetPoint version 5.3 represent a continuation of what we set out to do when we first launched NetPoint, which is to give project planners and schedulers the tools they need to communicate complex schedules to all stakeholders of a project.”

Tim Mather, Chief Technology Officer

Easily manage complex projects with these new, customizable features:


Highlight key information. Add images, insert schedule data, build tables, and add legends automatically – all in dedicated areas above and below the canvas.

Resizable Timescale

Achieve the perfect size for printing or projecting. Choose any text size for the timescale which will adjust proportionately.

Savable Filters

Save time by customizing filters.  Format activities and save filter criteria for future use, sharing them with other people, or using them in other schedules.

P6 Import Filtering

Import only what you need. Search and import subsets of XER files for performing what-if analyses or reporting by phase.

Longest Path Highlighting

Adjust the display to align with your calendar. Organize by years or quarters depending on your organization’s needs.

Since its commercial release in 2008, NetPoint has proven an invaluable tool to a variety of leaders in the project controls and construction industries. PMA Technologies continues to develop innovative ideas into practical solutions that practitioners are using to inspire transparent, effective, and collaborative planning and scheduling.

Visit the NetPoint Features page to learn more.

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