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How to accurately build a data-driven schedule that communicates resource needs

See how expert scheduler, Jaime Sobrino, PMP, AIA, LEED AP, used NetPoint resource loading to tackle the challenge of assisting Monroe County Florida in planning and developing their 5-year, $62 million Capital Improvement Program (CIP).


Learn how Jaime solved:

Problem: Needed a “big picture” to analyze and forecast resource needs for the 5-year CIP.

Key challenge: Accurately building a data-driven-schedule that clearly illustrates resource needs for the Program duration.

Why attend?

  1. How to graphically represent a schedule and its resource needs to any audience
  2. How to improve communication and coordination of stakeholders to gain schedule buy-in
  3. How to support timely proactive project decisions and minimize waste of time and resources

Jaime Sobrino

About the Presenter

Mr. Sobrino is a results-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in the design and construction industry. He is a highly motivated individual with strong design and communication skills able to manage multiple projects. He has a proven ability to coordinate trades and build relationships with architects, contractors, engineers, local officials, vendors and clients. His skills include contract negotiations, project estimating, design, building codes and regulations. He is a team player with experience in Latin American markets and proven ability to lead groups to innovative and viable projects.

A few of our satisfied customers

No other software can compare to Netpoint in facilitating collaboration.

Dan Molnar, Project Control Lead, Merck & Co

This is a step further into having [executives] understand the real inner workings of a schedule.

Commissioner Enrique Zuniga, Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Students can concentrate on learning quality scheduling rather than learning a scheduling software tool.

Jesus M. de la Garza, Professor of Construction Engineering & Management, Virginia Tech

It is a highly interactive project management tool.

Commissioner James McHugh, Massachusetts Gaming Commission

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