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Construction scheduling professionals created NetPoint to optimize project management and team collaboration.

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NetPoint Features for Better Schedules

NetPoint Graphical Interface

The flexibility of NetPoint’s graphical interface makes project planning far more natural and intuitive for project managers and team members. The results are project schedules that stakeholders and the whole project team can understand. NetPoint lets you:

  • Draw and link activities right on the canvas
  • Position multiple activities on the same line
  • Group activities by WBX, by work area, or by business unit
  • Customize geometries to clearly represent important network paths

Track and Visualize Your Schedule

Log changes to contract dates over time and see when a breach has occurred in the network. Use any Excel file to copy, paste, and enter resource names, categories, cost, colors, intensity, and patterns, and import them into your schedule.

NetPoint Tools

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Visualize Your Schedule with the Project Team

Engage the whole project management team! NetPoint project scheduling software transforms scheduling into an interactive, planning-centric experience that ensures communication and team collaboration.
With NetPoint’s intuitive representation of activities and relationships, all stakeholders can come together in a seamless process that produces a critical path method and graphical path method (GPM®) logic-driven schedule from the same tool used for planning.