The NetPoint development team has just completed the addition of two highly requested features: DCMA Metrics, which are a part of the upcoming Schedule IQ™ and Analytics module, and a fully customizable Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Both features will be available in the next release of NetPoint, version 5.2.

DCMA Metrics

NetPoint Feature DCMA Metrics

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) 14-point Assessment is required by many commercial and governmental contracts and is a popular method for evaluating schedule quality. Each DCMA metric in NetPoint provides a dashboard gauge and tripwire threshold as well as a corresponding list of activities and deficiencies. In addition, these metrics are linked back to the schedule in NetPoint so that you can see where specific activities are in the network and what effect they have on the project.

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

NetPoint Feature WBS

A WBS imported from P6 can now be viewed and edited in NetPoint. In addition, you can build a WBS from scratch and make assignments all in one streamlined interface. The WBS feature also include a roll-up view that summarizes the number of activities, dates, durations, resources, and costs across different WBS levels.

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