NetPoint Features

  • New in Version 5.2

    The latest version of NetPoint includes Schedule MD, a powerful tool to analyze metrics and determine schedule reliability of both P6 (.xer) and NetPoint files.

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    what's new in v5.2

  • NetPoint, planning and scheduling together

    With a uniquely visual interface, plan and schedule collaboratively, in one seamless process.

    2 overlapping netpoint application windows showing a demonstrative schedule

  • Dynamic, real-time feedback

    Modify activity dates graphically and instantly see how changes impact the rest of the schedule.

    one netpoint application window with a simulated magnifying glass showing a close-up of one section

  • Schedules that everyone can understand

    Communicate important characteristics of a project more effectively and efficiently.

    2 overlapping netpoint application windows showing a demonstrative schedule

NetPoint Main Features

Engage the whole team

NetPoint® transforms scheduling into an interactive, planning-centric experience that naturally promotes collaboration.

Since activities and relationships are represented more intuitively, all stakeholders can come together and contribute to project planning more effectively.

The result is a seamless process that produces a CPM/GPM® logic-driven schedule from the same tool used for planning.

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showing the detail of a schedule network fragment

Experience the benefits of real-time

animated gif showing real-time update to the network as an activity is moved

When activities are moved or durations are adjusted, NetPoint automatically and instantly propagates the changes throughout the entire network.

Since all planning objects and data elements on the canvas update as the schedule is modified, even float values are maintained and refreshed left of the data date.

The result is a much more interactive and dynamic system that provides invaluable information as schedules are being built.

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Visualize & communicate like never before

NetPoint® renders important project details, like the critical path, easy to convey to stakeholders of all levels of expertise.

Since activities are drawn and linked directly on the canvas without being forced to correspond to rows in a spreadsheet, identifying which activities are driving the schedule is a breeze.

With complex relationships presented clearly and attractively, executives can better understand intricate aspects of the project.

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image of the critical path highlighted