Case Studies, Netpoint, Presentations

NetPoint was leveraged to better analyze, understand, and share the delay sources for risk assessment of a complex $1.2 billion transit project that was behind schedule with three years’ of work remaining. NetPoint provided graphic plans for risk assessment reports and the summary plan that enabled stakeholders to visualize the overall picture of the project and how the activities related. This facilitated stakeholder discussions to bring critical and near-critical paths and the use of preferential crew logic to center stage. Several alternatives to mitigate project delay became evident and cruciality of near-critical paths was understood.

Bruce Stephan, JD, PE, PMP

Bruce Stephan leads PMA’s Atlantic and Pacific Business Unit. He is a nationally recognized civil engineer and attorney with 30+ years of experience on engineering/construction projects. His distinguished career includes representing public owners and general contractors, as well as providing professional construction consulting worldwide. His award-winning experience includes numerous project delivery methods; dispute resolution; complex change order negotiation; claims analysis; schedule management; technology solutions; and management consulting on public CIPs. He is a frequent lecturer on project delivery, and he has consulted with numerous public agencies to implement industry best practices.

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