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Schedule MD™

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Schedule MD™ is a companion application to NetPoint for analyzing and determining the reliability of schedules. The Schedule IQ™ Score is a rating system based on the Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule, aka the 20-Trait Protocol, as developed by PMA Consultants (for more info, see Scores are reported from 0 to 100. The software provides IQ scores for the overall schedule as well as breaks them down into 4 categories (comprehensive, credible, well-built, and controlled) and into 20 “IQ Metrics”.  As a result, reliability can be assessed at both macro and micro levels.

The comprehensive IQ provides insight into the reliability of activities and their durations; contract dates; and resource, code, and WBS assignments. The credible IQ provides insight into the reliability of the critical path, total floats, risk, and weather. The well-built IQ provides insight into the reliability of milestones, logic, constraints, and calendars. And the controlled IQ provides insight into the reliability of progress, forensics, out-of-sequence activities, and remaining durations. The four categories correspond with the GAO Assessment Guide and the 20-Trait Protocol.

In addition to the Schedule IQ™ Score, the software also offers robust analytics: the visualization and filtering capability of over one hundred related metrics and their data.

This chapter details instructions for the following:

  1. Launching and modifying inputs (.np4/.xer)
  2. The Metrics Manager™
  3. Stakeholders and the narrative checklist
  4. Loading a base case file
  5. Weather
  6. Metrics libraries
  7. Healing the schedule via the results browser
  8. Exporting to Excel