Graphical Path Method, Netpoint, Presentations

Machine Generating and Navigating Multilevel Schedules

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon discusses Schedule Density Zooming™ at the 2021 NetPoint + GPM Conference. Learn how schedulers needing to summarize and translate massive P6 schedules face an arduous, time-consuming process―a challenge made only more daunting by the prospect of having to repeat the process when the detailed schedule undergoes substantial revisions. To solve this long-standing challenge, we introduce density zooming, an algorithmic protocol that machine generates, from a detailed network schedule, a hierarchy of concordant network schedules.

Gui Ponce de Leon PhD, PE, PMP, LEED AP

Dr. Gui started his career in 1969 facilitating scheduling sessions on a drawing board with project managers and superintendents at Townsend & Bottum, Inc. He has served as a contractor chief scheduler, scheduling consultant, program and project manager, forensic scheduler, and expert witness, and he has pioneered innovations in project management throughout his 50-year career. He holds five U.S. patents and has numerous patents pending on his Graphical Path Method (GPM) scheduling invention. Dr. Gui pursued his MS studies at Vanderbilt University and obtained his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1972. From 1973-1989, he taught two graduate courses in project scheduling in the College of Engineering, Civil & Environmental Department, at the University of Michigan.

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