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Do your projects require maintaining multiple schedules for different levels of detail? Summarizing large and detailed schedules and keeping multiple schedules synchronized can be very time-consuming. In this session, we’ll demonstrate our upcoming solutions for overcoming these challenges. 

Seve Ponce de Leon 

Seve Ponce de Leon leads product management for NetRisk. He has 10 years of experience, including design, UX, QA/QC, Scrum, customer support, and product strategy. Seve earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


Project Summit generates summaries for you automatically on the fly. That’s where we are today but we will continue to evaluate additional functionality. 

Not yet, but it’s in our development roadmap. Microsoft Project should be available in the next few months. We plan to include integration with Excel. Primavera P6 is our primary use case, so we have focused on that first and are working to include Microsoft applications. 

Yes, the development roadmap for real-time interactivity, integrated what-if analysis, and sending back to P6 is next on our schedule. .

Yes, the ability to send the Project Summit summary schedule is part of the next set of functionality. We anticipate scenarios where schedulers will want to send the summarized version back to P6 or NetPoint for schedule management. You can also send it to NetRisk for risk analysis on the summary schedule model. 

We see each tool working alongside one another but for separate use cases. NetPoint is still the best tool for planning out a project at a high level from scratch. Once the schedule is detailed out in a tool like P6, Project Summit makes it incredibly easy to summarize again. We expect NetPoint to still play a crucial role in real-time interactive schedule development in the short term. We are planning to add real-time interactive schedule functionality to Project Summit, impacting how we continue developing the two applications.  

In the Level 1 schedule, its defaulting to our corresponding swimlane title for activity rollup, which is the default setting. You can click on the hammock and easily rename it if needed. 

Exactly the same as the XER. Project Summit does not produce a report since there isn’t anything to report. Everything that was in the XER file comes in untouched by Project Summit. If you’re planning to send back to P6, we want to maintain maximum data compatibility with minimum data conversion. That’s what drives how we are developing Project Summit. 

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