Netpoint, Presentations

An introduction to new features and improvements in NetPoint 4.2, as well as the new Automated Layouts module. Topics include the new folder-based file system, a rewritten Excel import/export module, customizable object descriptions and shapes, and expanded default object properties. This session brings you up to speed with the latest NetPoint enhancements.

Seve & Sergio Ponce de Leon

Seve and Sergio Ponce de Leon are senior designers on the NetPoint development team, where they focus on the user interface, user experience, technical documentation, and quality assurance of NetPoint and it’s embedded products. Their work can also be found on the PMA Consultants and PMA Technologies websites; this will be their second time presenting at the annual NetPoint User Conference. Seve’s interests include sailing, photography, and travel, and he holds a BS in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin. Sergio’s interests include technology, travel photography, and snowboarding, he holds a BS in Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Michigan.

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