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This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of NetPoint including basic concepts, new features, and essential tips necessary to understand the application’s unique aspects. This training session ensures you derive maximum benefit from our conference content. 

Tim Mather 

As COO of PMA Technologies, Tim provides leadership for the design and development team and the intellectual property efforts surrounding NetPoint. Tim is a PMP with extensive project management, software development, and marketing. Tim earned his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and pursued the postgraduate study of project management at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Vivek Puri

Dr. Vivek Puri has significant experience planning and executing projects in both construction and information technology areas. Dr. Puri’s recent work involves research and development relating to NetPoint, NetRisk, and Schedule MD. Three innovative tools were developed in-house by PMA. His doctoral work was in the area of simulation applications for construction planning. 


In our experience, interactive planning sessions work best with a separate moderator and scheduler. The process is more efficient if the moderator and scheduler focus on their respective roles. Conference room settings will depend on the number of attendees. Make sure everyone can see the schedule, and it’s easy to communicate with the moderator. 

The largest number of activities seen was 1,500, but that’s an extreme example. We recommend between 300-500 as a good range. 

If you double click on a logic line, it will pull up the geometry options for the selected logic line, vertical or horizontal. Select the best options to avoid crossing your logic lines. 

Zoom and Stretch do not impact printing. The best practice is to reset everything to 100 to see how it will print. 

Go to edit, and then find search and filter objects. Then find activities and delays. Next, you want to find “no successors” under options. Add that to the list and create a new activity to reset the process so you can find what you want in your list. 

Yes, you can copy and paste any image you want. Images may be inserted onto the canvas from Windows Explorer or other applications that are an OLE compatible drag source. The following formats are supported: JPEG (.jpg), PNG, TIFF (.tif), GIF, EMF, and BMP. 

Yes, you can drop a data date onto the schedule and answer Yes for the Capture the Baseline option. Then update the schedule by right-clicking and selecting Actualizing. Make adjustments to the schedule. The top right Spy Glasses icon compares the current schedule with the target schedule. 

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