Netpoint, Training

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of NetPoint, including basic concepts, new features, and essential tips for understanding the application’s unique aspects. This training session ensures you derive maximum benefit from our conference content. To best support your education, the class includes a free 90-day license of NetPoint.

NetPoint is a unique tool that combines the simplicity of the Gantt chart with the power of critical path method (CPM) scheduling. In this session, NetPoint offers a visual and interactive approach to scheduling, allowing users to build and analyze project schedules quickly. It highlights the software’s drag-and-drop functionality, which enables users to quickly create and modify schedules by manipulating activities directly on the screen.

See how NetPoint performs dynamic scheduling, meaning that changes made to the schedule automatically update all affected activities and relationships. This feature is particularly useful for managing complex projects with evolving timelines.

The session concludes by showcasing some of NetPoint’s unique features, such as its ability to visualize project durations, critical paths, and potential delays. It emphasizes the software’s user-friendly interface and suitability for various industries and project types.


As COO of PMA Technologies, Tim is responsible for the growth of PMA Technologies. Tim is a PMP with extensive project management, software development, and marketing. Tim earned his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and pursued the postgraduate study of project management at the University of Chicago.

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