Synchro Professional

Synchro Professional is a 4D building information modeling (BIM) application that allows project planners to better simulate and model complex construction sequences by providing enhanced visualization and animation capabilities. Synchro Professional controls the display of 3-dimensional objects, like building components and other physical structures, based on a timeline which can be defined by the start and finish dates of NetPoint activities. Before utilizing NetPoint schedule data in Synchro Professional, the NetPoint schedule must first be exported as a native XML file. The export will include activity ID’s, descriptions, planned dates, and durations; predecessor/successor logic; resources; codes; and calendars. Please consult Synchro’s documentation regarding which data they import. Instructions are provided below.


Exporting from NetPoint

  1. Click [menu_path]File > Import/Export > Export to Native XML…[/menu_path] from the menu bar. An explorer window will open.
  2. Browse for the desired location and click [icon_cmd]Save[/icon_cmd].

Importing an XML from NetPoint into Synchro

  1. Click [menu_path]File > Import > PMA NetPoint[/menu_path] from the main menu. An explorer window will open.
  2. Click Browse, locate the desired file, and click [icon_cmd]Open[/icon_cmd].
  3. Select Next, and then click Import to import all available attributes.
  4. An import report will open. Click Finish to complete the import.

To utilize NetPoint’s schedule data in Synchro Professional, follow the instructions provided by Synchro for linking 3D objects with activities. Once linked, you will be able to simulate and visualize the construction sequence in 3D, driven by a NetPoint schedule.