Importing from Open Plan

To import a schedule, the user must have a username and password to access the Open Plan database, and the project must be stored on the same machine as NetPoint.

After importing, the plan will vary slightly depending on whether or not the schedule was originally created in NetPoint or Open Plan. If the schedule was originally created in NetPoint, subsequently exported, and is now being imported back, the look and layout of the schedule will be the same. If the schedule was created in Open Plan, or if it was created in NetPoint using a version prior to 4.1, release 25 Feb 2013, NetPoint will layout the network avoiding clashes, but the user should run the automated layout engine. For more information, see [bookmark postid=”12646″ anchor=”run”]Running The Engine[/bookmark]. If further manual repositioning of data elements is desired, see [bookmark postid=”12749″ anchor=”fields”]Repositioning Fields (GEM)[/bookmark] .

NOTE: The calendar for a relationship (link) cannot be defined as that of the predecessor. As a result, dates and float values in NetPoint will not align with those in Open Plan in the case where the calendar chosen for relationships in Open Plan has different holidays over the course of a link than those of its predecessor’s calendar.


In Open Plan

  1. In Open Plan, click Project > Time Analysis from the menu bar (or press F9 on the keyboard), enter a Time Now, and click OK.
  2. Close the project to ensure that NetPoint can access it properly.

In NetPoint

  1. In NetPoint, click File > Import/Export… from the menu bar and choose Import From Open Plan.
  2. If Open Plan is already open, skip to step 3. If Open Plan isn’t open, you’ll be prompted to enter your Open Plan credentials and click OK.
  3. Browse for the desired project, select it in the list, and click Import. A report will open showing a summary of any incompatibilities that were found.
  4. When ready, click Finalize Import. The schedule will then open in NetPoint.


Import Report – Open Plan


Column Definition
Import Controls whether or not the item will be imported.
Activity ID The identifier used in Open Plan.
Activity Type The type of activity as set in Open Plan.
Activity Name The description of the activity in Open Plan.
Start The date and/or time the activity begins in Open Plan.
Finish The date and/or time the activity finishes in Open Plan.
Original Duration The amount of time it takes the activity to complete in Open Plan.

Supported Fields

Open Plan Objects and Fields

The following Open Plan objects and fields are brought into NetPoint. If a field is not listed, then it does NOT transfer. Some examples of fields that do not transfer are identified where relevant

This field in Open Plan Becomes this field in NetPoint Notes
Activity Activity
Start/Finish Milestone Start/Finish Milestone For benchmarks, see Constraints below.
Hammock Hammock
Lag Embed or link lag If positive, the lag will be captured in the embed unless it is larger than the duration of the activity, in which case it will be captured in the link lag. If negative, it will be captured in the link lag for FS relationships, otherwise ignored.
Description Description
Start Start Date
Finish Finish Date
Duration Duration
Free Float Buffer
Total Float Total Float
Fixed Target (milestones) Benchmark On activities, ignored.
Not Earlier Than Start/finish no-earlier-than (SNE/FNE) On activity finish date, ignored.
Not Later Than Start/finish no-later-than (SNL/FNL) On activity start date, ignored.
On Target (milestones) Benchmark On activities, ignored
Calendar Calendar Holidays will only be included if they fall between the start and end dates of the project. If a holiday coincides with a non-working day, it will not be transferred into NetPoint.
Resources Resources
Description Name
Unit Cost Cost/Unit
Category Category
Resource Level Rate/Day Open Plan only supports units/day. When importing, this value is rounded to 1 decimal place (e.g. 0.15/day would become 0.2/day), resulting in a different overall value. After importing from Open Plan, it is recommended to review the assignments of each resource to correct for any significant differences due to rounding.
Codes Codes
Code Name
Value Value
NetPoint Fields

If the schedule was exported from NetPoint already, everything will be brought in EXCEPT for the following:

Characteristic Result
Layouts Gone
Delays Become activities
Shades Gone
Notepads Gone
Link Geometries Become default
Embed Behaviors Become constant
Custom Positioning Becomes default
Resource Limits Gone
Resource Formatting Become default (color, histogram patterns, color intensities)
Page Size Becomes letter
Page Tiling Becomes 1×1
Grid Spacing Becomes default
Canvas Color Becomes default
Calendar Strips Become default
Calendar Sightlines Become default
Text Size Becomes default
Text Objects Gone
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