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The 13th Annual NetPoint & Graphical Path Method (GPM) Conference will be presented virtually this May with free attendance!

Join us for our two-day program aimed at innovating the process of project scheduling and risk management. Industry-leading project managers, schedulers, and software developers will present our conference sessions. Attendees will discover knowledge, improve skills and attain proficiency in project scheduling and risk management.

The event welcomes all project planners, schedulers, students, and faculty currently using NetPoint and those new to the software. Project management professionals can earn up to ten of PMI’s professional development units (PDU) or AACEi’s continuing education units (CEU) . Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, founder and CEO of PMA Consultants will highlight the conference with his keynote presentation:

“This year we’re talking about two myths hindering on-time project completion and introducing Safe Float as a solution to overcome late projects. Only when schedule uncertainty and risks are considered can highly likely project completion dates be known. Safe Float considers all remaining duration uncertainty and risk when the activity is eligible to start.” – Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon is one of our nation’s foremost planning and scheduling subject matter experts. His work with GPM and scheduling algorithm achievements are revolutionizing planning and scheduling at a level not seen since the advent of the critical path method. Dr. Vivek Puri is presenting with Dr. Gui, who has significant experience planning and executing construction and information technology projects. His recent work involves research and development relating to NetPoint, NetRisk, Schedule MD, and Project Summit.

Our software developers will showcase the growing functionality of Project Summit, PMA’s schedule summarizing application. The success of a project can depend on a contractor’s ability to accelerate and recover from changes and communicate with stakeholders and project executives. Seve Ponce de Leon will share PMA’s game-changing software solutions to ensure project success in this session.

Attendees will appreciate conference case studies demonstrating project management and scheduling solutions for real-world projects including a water tunnel and global pharma and manufacturing. As owners and project management professionals looking to improve the speed and accuracy of project completion and reduce risk, the presenters guide attendees in implementing similar solutions in their work.

About NetPoint

NetPoint project scheduling software transforms scheduling into an interactive, planning-centric experience that ensures communication and team collaboration. By engaging the whole project management team with NetPoint’s intuitive representation of activities and relationships, all stakeholders can come together in a seamless process that produces a CPM/GPM® logic-driven schedule from the same tool used for planning.


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